Hyperice Normatec 3 Compression Boots


The Normatec Boots 3 delivers dynamic air compression for unparalleled wellness, recovery, and performance enhancement. Trusted by elite athletes and users around the globe.

Introducing the next-generation Hyperice NormaTec 3 Compression Boots, a revolutionary leg recovery system designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who demand the best. Utilized by professional trainers across major sports, this leg recovery system combines improved portability and advanced smartphone integration, offering personalized recovery sessions. Whether you’re into running, climbing, cross-training, or powerlifting, the NormaTec 3.0 Leg Attachments are your high-tech, stress-free solution to comprehensive leg recovery, reducing muscle soreness and downtime.

Experience a unique combination of customization and control with the new lightweight control unit, allowing you to adjust zone settings and intensity levels, delivering up to 110 mmHg of pressure. Enjoy the convenience of a color display panel, 7 intensity levels, and Bluetooth® connectivity to the Hyperice App, all in a TSA-approved size for easy carry-on. The full-length boots, made from durable nylon, feature integrated compression tubing and overlapping segments, ensuring balanced compression throughout the leg.

Display Panel – Color display for easy control of settings
Battery Life – Up to 3 hours
Weight – 3.2 lbs (control unit)
Technology ZoneBoost™ Technology for focused compression
Size – 4 x 4.5 x 8.5 in (control unit)
Intensity Levels – 7 levels
Connectivity – Bluetooth® connectivity to the Hyperice App
TSA – Approved Yes

Normatec 3 control unit. The actual device.
Attachments. Leg attachments (2)
Connect and charge your device.
Hose. Connects the control unit to the attachments.

2 year manufacturer warranty

Estimated delivery is 7-14 days

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