Massage Gun 2.0


Experience powerful and targeted relief with Massagun Ireland’s Massage Gun 2.0, designed for deep tissue stimulation and optimal recovery. Comes with a variety of speeds and attachable heads, offering versatile relief. Enjoy a 5-hour rechargeable battery,

The Massage Gun 2.0 by Massagun Ireland is your go-to solution for achieving deep tissue relief and optimal muscle recovery. With its powerful 3200 BPM motor, it delivers intense, penetrative massages, targeting the deepest layers of muscle and stimulating connective tissue. It is meticulously designed for versatile use, featuring 6 changeable attachable heads and 5 adjustable speed settings, allowing for personalized relief tailored to individual needs. Its robust and durable construction ensures it stands up to rigorous use, making it a perfect addition for family use. Experience increased blood flow, reduced tension, and accelerated recovery

Feature Description
Battery Life – 5-hour rechargeable battery
Speed Settings – 5 vibration speed settings, up to 3200 BPM
Stall Force – 44lbs for deep tissue massage
Design 105 – degree ergonomic and sweat-proof
Durability – Constructed for rigorous use
Benefits –  Increases blood flow, releases tension, reduces DOMS, and aids recovery

Attachable Heads – 6 changeable heads for versatile relief
Case – Carrier Case for gun & attachments
Power – Charging Cable & Plug

2 year manufacturer warranty

7 days

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