Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro


The Hypervolt 2 Pro by Hyperice is a top-tier percussive therapy device featuring five variable speeds, a digital dial, and Bluetooth® connectivity, delivering deep and powerful muscle relief, enabling enhanced training and faster recovery

Introducing the Hypervolt 2 Pro, Hyperice’s most robust percussion massage therapy device, putting unparalleled power directly into your hands. Designed to provide the profound relief experienced by the world’s leading athletes, it offers advanced features such as five variable speeds and a new digital dial. The Hypervolt 2 Pro is synonymous with exceptional relief, allowing for profound penetration into stiff muscles, facilitating faster recovery, and enabling you to return to your passion quickly

Weight – 1.1 kg
Battery Life -3 Hours (Detachable Battery)
Motor – Brushless High-torque 90W Motor
Speed – 5 Variable Speeds of Percussion
Pressure Sensor – Patented Pressure Sensor Technology™
Head Attachments – 5 (Fork, Ball, Cushion, Flat, Bullet)
Size -20 cm x 6 cm x 26 cm
Connectivity Bluetooth® – (for Automated Speed Control via Hyperice App)

Power Supply + Adapters,
Head Attachments
Attachment Pouch

24 month manufacturer warranty

Estimated delivery is 7-14 days

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