Avantopool Hanki


Avantopool Hanki offers an elite cold recovery experience with its compact, easily movable, and convenient design, bringing professional cold therapy to athletes, wellness enthusiasts, and individuals alike, suitable for various settings including spas and homes.

Avantopool Hanki, with its sophisticated and revolutionary design, stands as a beacon of innovation in recovery solutions. Ideal for professional athletes and wellness enthusiasts, it is the newest addition to the Avantopool lineup, offering premium cold recovery and therapeutic cold-water treatments to all who seek the health benefits of cold-water immersion. Designed and manufactured in Finland, the Hanki pool is compact yet spacious enough to fit three standing people, making it a versatile choice for spas, health clubs, fitness centers, or home installations. With its convenient size, external refrigeration system, and easy maintenance, it offers professional-grade cold therapy access anywhere, anytime.

Dimensions – Length: 740mm, Width: 370mm, Height without wheels: 490mm, Height with wheels: 540mm
Weight – 42 kg
Temperature Range – +4°C to +40°C, adjustable
Cooling Capacity – 2.3 kW (5°C per hour)
Refrigerant – R32
Digital Control Unit – Displays water and target water temperature
Wifi Functionality – Enabled
Warranty – Refrigeration system: 1 year
External Filtration – Optional external filter cartridge available
Water Change Recommendation – Every 1-3 days or up to 7-14 days with pool chlorine
Design & Manufacturing – Designed and manufactured in Finland
Color – Stylish black granite color
Capacity – Fits three people standing or one person fully submerged
Suitable Locations – Spas, Health-Clubs, Fitness Centers, and Homes

Hanki Plunge Pool
Heating / Cooling Unit

12-month manufacturer warranty

Estimated delivery is 2-3 weeks

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