Avantopool Kinos

Avantopool Kinos, a high-quality, automated recovery pool, offers professional cold therapy with continual water cleaning. Portable and user-friendly, it’s suitable for various settings and ensures clean, cold water for effective cold and warm recovery treatments.

Discover superior recovery and warm-up solutions with the NormaTec Hip Attachment, innovatively designed to provide unparalleled compression to your lower back and hip area. Developed with cutting-edge NormaTec Pulse Massage Pattern technology, this attachment uses compressed air to deliver an intensive massage to the muscles in your lower back and upper legs, enhancing fluid mobilization and accelerating recovery time.

Featuring two overlapping zones, it creates a compression massage that encompasses the quads, hamstrings, IT bands, glutes, and lower back. The adjustable buckles ensure a snug and secure fit, catering to your individual needs. It’s constructed from premium, lightweight, and durable materials, offering comprehensive coverage of various muscle groups and is low-maintenance, requiring just a simple wipe with a damp cloth to clean.

Water Cleaning – Constant water filtering and ozone cleaning
Temperature Range – +4°C – +38°C; suitable for cold and warm treatments
User Capacity – Fits one user sitting and up to 3 users standing
Positioning – Easy to position almost anywhere
Maintenance – Simple to use and maintain
Energy Efficiency – Efficiently insulated with low energy consumption
Water Replacement – Every 3-8 weeks depending on usage
Safety – Safe to enter and exit; Controlled immersion process
Usage – Professional sports, fitness enthusiasts, and home use
Environmental Consideration – Environment-friendly

Kinos Only

2 year manufacture warrenty

Estimated delivery is 2-3 weeks

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