Avantopool Kide & Chiller Unit


The Avantopool Kide & Chiller Unit is your compact, inflatable, and easily transportable solution for a luxurious home spa experience. It’s versatile, durable, and coupled with a state-of-the-art cooling and heating unit, offering professional-level cold baths or warm water relaxation.

Introducing the Avantopool Kide & Chiller Unit, a compact and inflatable pool, meticulously designed for versatile home use. It opens the door to a world of relaxation and professional-level cold baths or warm water experiences at the convenience of your home. The pool, being compact and easily transportable, fits seamlessly wherever you desire, offering comfort predominantly for a single person but can accommodate up to two persons. Crafted with durable, fibreglass-reinforced, and skin-friendly PVC, Kide promises longevity and is exceptionally easy to maintain. The package is complete with a lid, carry bag, air pump, small repair kit, and the avant-garde cooling and heating unit with hosing, ensuring you have everything you need for an ideal home spa experience

Dimensions – L: 740mm, W: 370mm, H: 540mm (490mm without wheels)
Weight – 42 kg
Temperature Range – +4°C to +40°C
Cooling Capacity – 2.3 kW (Approx. 5°C per hour)
Refrigerant – R32
Digital Control Unit – Monitors water and target water temperature
Power Supply – 220-240V/50Hz, single-phase
WiFi Functionality – Enabled
Mobility – Equipped with 4 wheels for easy transportation
Colour – Black
Water Filtration – External filter cartridge (sold separately if required)

2 year manafactuer warrenty

Estimated delivery is 2-3 weeks

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