Avantopool Kinos Care Package


Keep your cold water plunge pool in top condition with Avantopool’s Kinos Care Package. This all-in-one package includes everything you need to maintain your pool, including cleaning products, pH balancers, and more. With the Kinos Care Package, you can ensure your pool stays clean, clear, and healthy for all your swimming needs. Upgrade your pool maintenance routine today with Avantopool’s Kinos Care Package and enjoy a worry-free swimming experience.

Avantopool Kinos Care Package

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Avantopool Kinos Care Package

Experience revolutionary cold recovery with the KINOS Cold Water Pool by Avantopool Care Package. Designed to complement the Kinos Pool (ordered separately), this care package helps maintain your mobile cold pool, ensuring you enjoy the benefits of ice swimming at home, spa, gym, or workplace. With clean water always at your desired temperature, the portable and energy-efficient pool supports natural wellbeing and is perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Contents of the Care Package:

  • 5 extra filters
  • Submersible pump & hose
  • Water quality test strips
  • Cleaning sponge pack
  • Kinos Pool ordered separately

About Avantopool:

  • Finnish expertise in cold pool technology
  • Portable, ready-to-use cold pools for year-round use
  • Adjust clean water to desired temperature with a touch of a button
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