Cold Recovery Is Easier Than Ever Before With C11 Recovery

We are the official distributor for Avantopool, bringing their full range of premium ice baths to Ireland. From gyms and wellness centers to the comfort of your own home, our range makes cold water therapy accessible for all. Our baths have an built-in filtration system and a chilling system that can heat or cool the baths.

Premium Ice Baths 

Avantopool Kinos

Avantopool Kinos is the first mobile cold pool on the market able to deliver high-quality cold recovery and cold-water treatments in your own home. Its compact size makes it easy to transport and install almost anywhere. And with its sturdy adjustable legs, the pool can easily be adjusted to the floor slope in wet spaces.

Kinos is ready whenever you are – just choose whether you want to cool down in cold water or relax in a warm bath. The wide temperature range of +4°C to +38°C delivers all the benefits of both hot and cold water. The water in the pool cools or warms to the desired temperature at rate 4–5°C per hour.


Recover At Home

Avantopool Kide

Kide is an inflatable, compact pool designed for professional and home use. Kide pool can be used almost anywhere and it travels easily in a carry bag. The pool fits up to two persons but is most comfortable for single person use. Kide is made of durable fiberglass reinforced, skin-friendly PVC
and is easy to keep clean. Together with the Avantopool heating & cooling unit you can enjoy professional level cold baths or relax in warm water.

To get the most out of your Kide pool, we recommend
using it together with Avantopool Cooling & Heating unit and external filtration system.


Why is Cold Water Imerssion Good For You?

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speeds up recovery

Ice baths can help speed up recovery after a workout or sports game because the cold water helps to reduce inflammation and swelling in the muscles

relieves pain

The constriction of blood vessels from the cold temperature can also help to numb pain receptors, providing temporary pain relief.

improves sleep quality

Ice baths may help to improve sleep quality because the cold water can help to reduce body temperature, which is necessary for the body to fall asleep.

lowers stress

Ice baths may help to lower stress because the cold water can stimulate the production of endorphins, which are the body's natural feel-good chemicals.

Hanki Pool Fits Anywhere 

Avantopool Hanki

Hanki is easy to move and easy to use. It’s a particularly easy-to-move cold recovery and cold therapy pool with an external refrigeration system. Hanki is easy to place almost anywhere and doesn’t require any special care other than regular water change. The external refrigeration system is easy to use and the hoses can be quickly attached with quick connectors.

The Hanki pool is insulated and energy efficient, and the optional insulated cover further reduces energy consumption. The Hanki pool’s water is continuously circulated when the cooling unit is switched on and in operation. We recommend changing the water in the pool every 1–3 days, depending on the amount of use. When you use pool chlorine, the same water can be recycled for up to 7–14 days.

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